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Tennis Anyone?

The Next Revolution in Tennis

Two Handed Off Both Sides

I remember seeing Monica Seles in the late 80's and early 90's hitting some of the most vicious, flat, angular shots that I ever saw in my whole life. When I saw her hit with 2 hands off of both sides, I said to myself, "This is it! I have seen the future of tennis, and this is it!


The first revolution was the 2 handed backhand, and the second revolution will be the 2 handed forehand and hitting with 2 hands off of both sides!" BUT for the most part it didn't happen. I wonder why?
I had always been looking for a book that would show me how to hit with both hands off both sides, and I found it ("Tennis Mastery: Advance beyond the 3.5 level and never look back by David Smith).


I learned a 2 hand backhand in 3 weeks from this book. Then I started to experiment with the 2 hand forehand (due to a wrist injury-Hey, it beats sitting at home and watching TV!).
Then I started to hit with 2 hands off of both sides, and I started to visualize and hit a few of these incredible angles that Seles hit! It was incredible! I am only going to get better with it!


I know that Jan Michael Gambill, Monica Seles, Pancho Segura, Gene Mayer, Fabrice Santore, and Marion Bartoli hit with two hands off both sides!
So, does anyone have experience with hitting with 2 hands off both sides? Does hitting with 2 hands off both sides have a future in recreational, adult tournament, and pro tennis? Any thoughts?